Congratulations on choosing to be a published author. Being a published author can open up several doors for you.

The unique quality of our service is that you can be one without even writing.

Most of our clients choose our service because they value their time, and would spend their time doing what they do best rather than writing.

How does our service work?

Step 1: You decide what the book is about. It can be anything from an autobiography to a self-help book, but not novels.

Step 2: Choose a title for the book

Step 3: Our team member will prepare a set of questions and interview you. Once the interview is done, another team member will transcribe the interview.

Step 4: Your transcribed interview will be converted into chapters. Once its converted into chapters, one of our writers will rewrite the entire book in a book format.

Step 5: Once the manuscript is ready, our editors will do a line-by-line editing re-constructing sentences and checking for correct grammar and punctuation.

Step 6: A proof-reader will go through the entire book checking for spelling and grammatical errors.

Step 7: The finishing touches will be given to the book by adding the Foreword, Preface, acknowledgements etc..

Step 8: A book cover will be designed and sent to you for approval.

Step 9: Once the book is ready, we acquire ISBN numbers and set it up for worldwide distribution.

You are now a Published Author. Hooray !!

Benefits of Being A Published Author

Whether you are a local business, a consultant or a professional, being a Published Author can give you several benefits.

  1. It’s a shortcut to credibility. You are instantly recognized as an expert.
  2. Increases your visibility dramatically. It gives you access to promotional opportunities – both locally and online. Like sending out press releases, hold book signings, workshops, be invited to write guest columns at local and online publications, become a desirable guest for local TV and radio stations.
  3. Increases your brand perception.
  4. Showcases your knowledge and expertise
  5. Connect with your audience. A book in your name is an opportunity to connect with your existing audience, and an opportunity for them to share your insights with others. So you don’t just connect with your existing audience but you build a newer audience. It’s like putting a message in a bottle and throwing it in the air to see where it takes you.

So what are you waiting for? Become a published author now! Sign up below.


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